Electronauts (2017)

Electronauts is a sci-fi themed VR music experience that I had the pleasure of working on with a handful of talented artists, musicians, and programmers. These are a few examples of early visual development pieces I produced before we started ramping up production. Electronauts launched on Steam and Oculus in 2017. 

Concept artwork I produced for one of the many VR tracks that would appear in the game.

Additional Development

As the project progressed, I took a more hands-off role and spent the majority of my time directing the artistic contributions of several concept artists and tech artists who would go on to flesh out the psychedelic visuals of the game to completion. The next gallery shows some of the additional development time I spent on the project working with artists Brian Higgins and Kejun Wang in fleshing out the characters, vehicles, and locations that would populate the world of Electronauts.