Sprint Vector (2016)

Sprint Vector is a stylized, competitive VR skating game that was based on Survios' proprietary Fluid Locomotion System, which allowed for seamless, non-teleport-based VR movement that virtually removed any possibility of motion sickness during play.

I spent roughly one year working on this project as lead concept artist and art director, with my efforts split between Sprint Vector, Raw Data, and Electronauts during that period.

Sprint Vector cover art featuring all of the characters I designed for the game.

Early Development

Creative Director James Iliff and I spent a lot of time early on in defining the wacky, bombastic world of Sprint Vector before production on the game began. Below are some of the early design sketches I produced while helping the creative team establish the look and feel of the world.

Some of the key design goals for Sprint Vector were: 1) Low-poly, brightly-lit, animation-inspired aesthetic. 2) Highly modular racetrack design. 3) Fun, exciting visuals that emphasized the physicality of the experience.

A visual development piece I created at the very early stages of game. Originally the world we envisioned was a lot more blocky.

Character Design

The team and I quickly discovered that we could communicate most of the core fun of Sprint Vector by focusing our efforts on developing colorful characters with bold visual design and interesting personalities.

A set of characters I sketched out that would serve as the basis for the entire lineup of playable characters in the game. One exercise I found useful was to think about what each character’s motivations could be in participating in this deadly race. This helped give our writers a jumping off point while creating each of their backstories and voice lines.

An early promotional render for Sprint Vector before we finalized our toon shader.

Environment Design

On the environment side, I spent most of my time working with Hadi Jalali, Brian Higgins, and Sylvia Liu in building out concepts for five main environment kits for the game, internally referred to as: Desert, Ice, Space, Stadium, and Toxic. Below is a collection of environment concept art that we produced throughout development.

Toxic zone concept art by Brian Higgins.

Marketing & Release

As with Raw Data, I was responsible for directing the art team in creating dozens of high-quality visuals, screenshots, and 3D renders to help market the game leading up to its release. Below are examples of some of the images I contributed to during my time on the project.

An early promotional render for the game.

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